It all began in Comines in 1367, when King Charles V signed a royal decree authorising the town of Comines to weave narrow cloth. Ribbon weaving then became the speciality of the town, which over the centuries developed unequalled know-how in this sector.
It should be noted that due to its proximity to the Lys, the river that separates France from Belgium and along which flax was retted, Comines very quickly turned to the manufacture of natural fibre ribbons: first linen, then a little later cotton. This speciality differentiates it from its competitor Saint Etienne where only silk-based decorative ribbons were produced.

From 1848 to the First World War, Comines became the world capital of utility ribbon with 400 million metres produced each year by 1000 weavers sharing 3500 looms. Utility ribbons are articles intended for haberdashery, clothing, cooking, packaging, etc.
At the end of the war, Comines, which had been invaded by the Germans for 4 years, was 99% destroyed. It was then a ghost town with ruins of factories to be completely rebuilt. However, a dozen textile factories rose from the ashes and gradually prospered and expanded.
From the 1950s onwards, competition intensified and forced some factories to merge in order to benefit from economies of scale. The others gradually specialised in a particular product according to their know-how.

It was in the 1980s that the Fauchille Group began to expand through successive takeovers of ribbon factories and confections, exclusively in Comines. This group grew stronger from year to year, until all the Comines ribbon factories were finally brought together in a single group at the dawn of the year 2000, thus completing an industrial textile group whose interweaving and exchanges are unique in the world, and which also benefits from a centuries-old know-how. Among the 7 ribbon factories of the Fauchille Group still in operation, 3 date from before the French Revolution! 2 million metres of products leave our factories every day, which makes us the undisputed leader in narrow weaving in Europe.

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The Fauchille Group

Passionate about developing our know-how and absolutely convinced that French manufacturing has real arguments in the face of relocation, the group has always gone against the grain of the sector by giving itself the means to extend its field of expertise to other product families. We offer all types of fine plastic parts (injection, overmoulding, machining, etc.) and we also work with metal (sheet metal, tube, wire, etc.), particularly for POP displays, sales furniture, shop fittings, etc.
Of course, all our components can be assembled in our 2 workshops to offer you ever more accomplished sets, with the guarantee of a product 100% made in France.


Etablissement Mahieu & Cie are the true French specialists in the weaving of cotton ribbon, a material known to be the most difficult to work with. The absolutely unique know-how of our ribbon factory in the handling of sensitive fibres also allows us to manufacture all types of simpler ribbons such as satin, grosgrain, braid... Most of which are recognised as being the most beautiful on the market. We offer ribbons in needle weaving or shuttle weaving according to your request, in all types of configurations: canvas, twill, satin... Our team, passionate about its work and very attached to the conservation of a unique heritage, is at your disposal for any further information.

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